Pick the wonderful games for your bachelorette party

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A bachelorette party is all about having a great deal of fun and laughter. Among the best other options of planning your wedding arrangements, the bachelorette party should perhaps be one of the most exciting options ever. but, are you confused and wondering about what activities and games should you plan for your bachelorette party? Let us try finding a few options that would prove to be handy enough.

Pin the Kiss

It has become a trending game in any bachelorette party. In fact, it can be considered to be an adult version of the childhood game. You can simply get a big poster of the crush of the bride and get a packet of kiss stickers. Each of the members is blindfolded and has to pin the sticker to the poster.

Soon-to-be-Wed Game

This is a version of the newlywed game and you would find it a great option for an exciting experience ever. You can prepare the list of questions about the life of the bride and others. Let the groom answer all the questions beforehand. The bride should take the same questionnaire and answer the questions. If the answers are similar, everyone in the party gets a shot.

Twenty questions

Prepare a few items and make sure they are at their naughtiest best. Prepare a bowl with all those items on a paper. The bride will have to ask up to twenty questions for guessing the item on the paper. If she is capable of guessing the answer in just five questions, she will win. Or else the group wins.

Naughty Writer

Let the naughty thoughts run wild, and you would find it a great game indeed. The members of the party get to write down the intimate and raunchy details about the honeymoon of the bride. Put all the folded papers into a bowl. The bride reads all the sheets and guesses the identity of who might have written it. If she gets to guess it properly, the author takes a shot and if she goes wrong, she gets a shot.


Yet another scribbling fame that we all have had enjoyed during our school days. Create a list of dirty movie titles and even romantic song lyrics. You can even work with the dirty images and words. Each of you get a chance to pick or pull the title of the lyrics and the entire party will be taking part in the guessing game.

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