Precisive real-time prediction of the movement of nearby vehicles or the future trajectory of pedestrians is essential for safe autonomous driving. A research team led by City University of Hong Kong (CityU) recently developed a novel AI system that improves predictive accuracy amid dense traffic and increases computational efficiency by... Read more
Most major car manufacturers admit they may be selling your personal information—though they are vague on the buyers, a new study finds, and half say they would share it with the government or law enforcement without a court order.... Read more
If the region surrounding Chicago—North America's largest freight hub—shifted just 30% of its current on-road heavy-duty vehicles to electric versions, it would substantially reduce pollution and save hundreds of lives per year, with the benefits largely concentrated in disadvantaged communities, according to a new Northwestern University-led study.... Read more
The California Public Utilities Commission recently approved petitions from two taxi companies, Waymo and Cruise, to operate paid robo-taxi services around the clock in San Francisco. The first-of-its-kind move has been widely seen as a major step forward for fully autonomous vehicles and a springboard for similar driverless car rollouts... Read more
Tesla and Chinese carmakers showed off their newest electric models at the Munich auto fair on Monday, throwing down the gauntlet to their European rivals as competition in the sector intensifies.... Read more
Urban air mobility (UAM) does more than just open up new potential in terms of transporting goods: if some of urban traffic goes airborne, this will also offer completely new approaches when it comes to sustainable mobility solutions. In the Fraunhofer ALBACOPTER Lighthouse Project, six Fraunhofer institutes are addressing the... Read more
Hydrogen is a beacon of hope for the successful transition of the energy and mobility sectors. However, the gas is also highly explosive, and strict safety precautions are needed if hydrogen is to be used safely. The latest fuel cell vehicles carry hydrogen in gaseous form in pressurized tanks. These... Read more
Innovative design choices can have a massive impact in the theater of war, so it is important to understand the principles behind their development. Recent use of low-cost cardboard drones by Ukraine, supplied by Australia, to attack targets in Russia is a good example of how this can work.... Read more
Chinese manufacturers will be out in force at next week's IAA auto show, one of the industry's biggest, revving their new electric models on the turf of German carmakers, which have been lagging in the e-mobility race.... Read more
Automated vehicles (AV) will need updates on driving conditions. Past studies envision roadside infrastructure transmitting such updates via beams of concentrated, millimeter radio waves. However, challenges remain, such as accurately determining the location of a rapidly moving AV so as to track it with a beam, and forming the optimum... Read more
Batteries in older Nissan Leaf electric vehicles are getting a new life as portable power sources that can be used to run gadgets on the go or deliver emergency power in disasters.... Read more
A team of UCL-led researchers has developed a new method to determine the attention levels of drivers and their readiness to respond to warning signals when using auto-pilot mode.... Read more
While self-driving vehicles (SDVs) are being hailed as a solution for safer, more efficient roads, new research suggests British Columbians are not quite ready to embrace self-driving cars wholeheartedly—and will need a period of gradual transition before adoption.... Read more
Tesla is allowing some drivers to use its Autopilot driver-assist system for extended periods without making them put their hands on the steering wheel, a development that has drawn concern from U.S. safety regulators.... Read more
BYD, China's leading electric carmaker, said on Monday its half-year net profit had tripled based on record demand.... Read more