Development of embedded electronic systems for future mobility, be it self-driving cars or autonomous air taxis, depends on complex processing and application services. To better manage this challenge, eight European partners have developed an automated toolchain within the XANDAR collaboration coordinated by Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).... Read more
When aerospace engineer Matthew Clarke overlayed flight paths in urban environments over maps showing social stratification, he noticed something significant. The flights went directly overhead low-income neighborhoods.... Read more
With GPS data from as little as 6% of vehicles on the road, University of Michigan researchers can recalibrate traffic signals to reduce congestion and delays at intersections significantly.... Read more
Professor David Chiaramonti is looking down at the ground to help resolve a problem up in the sky: airplanes' emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other pollutants.... Read more
Scout Motors celebrated the start of construction on its $2 billion electric SUV plant in South Carolina on Thursday not with a line of people in suits with shovels but with a nod to the company's gasoline-powered past.... Read more
Last fall's contentious United Auto Workers' strike changed Ford's relationship with the union to the point where it will "think carefully" about where it builds future vehicles, Ford's top executive said Thursday.... Read more
Waymo is issuing a recall for the first time due to a software concern after two of its self-driving vehicles hit the same pickup truck that was being towed.... Read more
French automaker Renault on Wednesday said it had bounced back into profit in 2023 as sales rose due to new models and price increases that helped it attain a record margin.... Read more
General Motors is adding about 350,000 miles (563,000 kilometers) of roadways in the U.S and Canada to the area where drivers can use the company's "Super Cruise" partially automated driving system.... Read more
The excitement of auto racing comes from split-second decisions and daring passes by fearless drivers. Imagine that scene, but without the driver—the car alone, guided by the invisible hand of artificial intelligence. Can the rush of racing unfold without a driver steering the course? It turns out that it can.... Read more
German auto supplier Continental said Wednesday it would cut some 7,150 posts worldwide by 2025 as the difficult switch to electric vehicles forces companies in the sector to retool.... Read more
A new insight into how leaves transform into slippery layers on railway lines, causing delays for passengers and costing the rail industry millions of pounds every year, has been revealed by engineers at the University of Sheffield.... Read more
In September, the governing board of Santa Cruz Metro made a big bet on the future of green public transit when it approved the purchase of 57 buses fueled by hydrogen—the largest order of hydrogen-fueled buses made so far in the U.S.... Read more
Issues such as abrupt changes in speed limits and incomplete lane markings are among the most influential factors that can predict road crashes, finds new research by University of Massachusetts Amherst engineers. The study then used machine learning to predict which roads may be the most dangerous based on these... Read more
Six years ago, automakers and tech companies thought they were on the cusp of putting thousands of self-driving robotaxis on the street to carry passengers without a human driver.... Read more