Tesla said it intends to invest $3.6 billion to expand manufacturing capabilities in Nevada and is confident growing software-related profits, reflected in record net income reported Wednesday for the fourth quarter of last year, will keep margins higher than any other automaker.... Read more
Toyota named Koji Sato president and CEO on Thursday, in a surprise reshuffle that sees third-generation chief executive Akio Toyoda step aside to become board chairman of the world's top-selling automaker.... Read more
Tesla on Wednesday posted record net income in the fourth quarter of last year, and the company predicted that additional software-related profits will keep its margins higher than any other automaker.... Read more
The classic thought experiment known as the "trolley problem" asks: Should you pull a lever to divert a runaway trolley so that it kills one person rather than five? Alternatively: What if you'd have to push someone onto the tracks to stop the trolley? What is the moral choice in... Read more
The Virginia Tech Center for Vehicle Systems and Safety (CVeSS) and the Railway Technologies Laboratory want to harness the energy created by moving trains and transform that energy into usable electricity.... Read more
In the future, autonomous or self-driving cars are expected to considerably reduce the number of road accident fatalities. Advancing developments on this revolutionary road, CERN and car-safety software company Zenseact have just completed a three-year project researching machine-learning models to enable self-driving cars to make better decisions faster and thus... Read more
Software was a big theme for automakers attending CES 2023 in January. BMW, Stellantis, Volkswagen and a joint venture between Honda and Sony showed off upcoming or concept vehicles that are significantly reliant on computers and code. The takeaway was clear: More and more vehicles will be run top to... Read more
Civil aviation is committed to making progress on the road towards a climate-neutral future. To make current and future aircrafts more energy-efficient and use less jet fuel, the industry needs reliable data about the durability of materials and aerodynamics in actual flight. Researchers at Fraunhofer IZM are working on behalf... Read more
A pilot project has revolutionized the way Formula 1 racing seats can be designed using biomechanics technology, in an effort to improve a driver's comfort and performance.... Read more
Efforts to establish a rebate program for D.C. area residents and businesses to acquire electric bicycles will help incentivize more sustainable transport as well as regional investment into sustainable transportation infrastructure, says Virginia Tech urban planning and transportation expert Ralph Buehler.... Read more
Why has commercial airline travel become so safe in the United States?... Read more
One-in-five new cars sold in California in 2022 was a zero-emission vehicle, the state said Friday, as the largest car market in the United States charges towards its goal of electrifying its fleet.... Read more
Parameter calibration of traffic assignment models is vital to travel demand analysis and management. As an extension of the conventional traffic assignment, boundedly rational activity-travel assignment (BR-ATA) combines activity-based modeling and traffic assignment endogenously and can capture the interdependencies between high dimensional choice facets along the activity-travel patterns.... Read more
With fewer people using public transport and more working from home due to the COVID pandemic, public transport agencies need to do everything they can to encourage more people to use their services. An essential step is to make the ticketing and payment process as easy as possible. That means... Read more
Maritime transport has become central to international trade and the world economy. It is estimated that 90,000 marine vessels are used to transport 90% of goods carried by sea. As these vessels consume fossil fuels like road vehicles and emit up to ~3% of global anthropogenic emissions, the pressing question... Read more