Information is a valuable commodity. And thanks to technology, there are millions of terabytes of it online.... Read more
To examine the global state of AI ethics, a team of researchers from Brazil performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of global guidelines for AI use. Publishing October 13 in in the journal Patterns, the researchers found that, while most of the guidelines valued privacy, transparency, and accountability, very few... Read more
Paul Lane uses his mouth, cheek and chin to push buttons and guide his virtual car around the "Gran Turismo" racetrack on the PlayStation 5. It's how he's been playing for the past 23 years, after a car accident left him unable to use his fingers.... Read more
Monash University's Emerging Technologies Research Lab has unveiled massive shifts in future household energy demands in a new report published today. The study offers energy distribution networks an invaluable glimpse into the future—empowering them to sharpen their forecasts, develop future business plans, and ensure the lights stay on.... Read more
Last month, the Federal Trade Commission filed a major complaint in federal district court alleging that Amazon is an illegal monopoly. The FTC may be able to win its case. But given the limits of American antitrust law, that legal victory would do little to curb Amazon's economic power.... Read more
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As artificial intelligence apps such as ChatGPT have proliferated, so have chatbots with a religious bent. People facing a moral or ethical dilemma can submit their questions to these chatbots, which then provide an answer based on the religious texts fed to them or crowd-sourced data.... Read more
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