Using NASA's first two-way, end-to-end laser relay system, pictures and videos of cherished pets flew through space over laser communications links at a rate of 1.2 gigabits per second—faster than most home internet speeds.... Read more
The European Union on Monday announced a formal anti-subsidy probe targeting an Emirati telecoms company, the first action under new rules to focus on a foreign bid to buy EU assets.... Read more
A research team led by Rice University's Edward Knightly has uncovered an eavesdropping security vulnerability in high-frequency and high-speed wireless backhaul links, widely employed in critical applications such as 5G wireless cell phone signals and low-latency financial trading on Wall Street.... Read more
Data centers stand as the cornerstone of modern information technology infrastructure. These centralized facilities are designed to store, process, and distribute vast amounts of data and applications, serving as the nerve center for digital services and businesses worldwide. From ensuring data availability to supporting scalability, disaster recovery, and maintaining robust... Read more
With major mobile carriers competing in the internet market, Comcast has a leg up over other cable providers, according to a new S & P Global report.... Read more
Accurate time-keeping is essential for satellite navigation, as even minor time deviations can result in significant positioning errors. Traditional systems rely heavily on ground-based atomic clocks, which pose risks of service interruptions. Due to these challenges, advanced research is necessary to develop more reliable and autonomous satellite time-keeping systems.... Read more
Whether it is coincidence or careful planning, the infrastructures of both power systems and telecommunications are heading in a similar direction: toward the edge. Solar panels on a roof are like 5G towers in a neighborhood—in both cases, distributed assets increasingly underpin these important systems.... Read more
According to a 2023 study by the International Telecommunications Union, approximately 2.6 billion people are unconnected to the internet. It's a staggering figure.... Read more
A cutting-edge method for Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) ambiguity resolution has been developed, promising to enhance the accuracy and reliability of urban positioning. This innovative approach addresses the longstanding challenge of obtaining precise location data in built-up environments where signals are often obstructed.... Read more
T-Mobile is buying U.S. Cellular's wireless operations and certain spectrum assets in a deal valued at $4.4 billion, and further consolidating the industry.... Read more
In the early 2010s, LightSquared, a multibillion-dollar startup promising to revolutionize cellular communications, declared bankruptcy. The company couldn't figure out how to prevent its signals from interfering with those of GPS systems.... Read more
A total of 4.6 billion people are connected to the internet through their mobile phones. For each of these people, there are more than three devices communicating with the internet. The Internet of Things (IoT) is composed of all connected objects, which are growing in number: today's 15 billion are... Read more
The new Tandem Dual-Antenna Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Interferometry (TDA-InSAR) system, addresses the limitations of current spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems by providing a more reliable and efficient method for 3D surface mapping. The system's innovative design allows for single-pass acquisitions, significantly reducing the time required for data... Read more
Elon Musk traveled to Indonesia's resort island of Bali on Sunday to launch Starlink satellite internet service in the world's largest archipelago nation.... Read more
Innovative Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning technologies harness massive vehicle-generated data to create high-resolution atmospheric delay correction maps, significantly enhancing Global Positioning System (GPS) accuracy across varied spatial scales. This new method exploits real-time, crowd-sourced vehicle GNSS raw data, refining traditional GPS applications and presenting a cost-effective solution for... Read more