Senegal's government has shut down internet access in response to protests about the sentencing of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko. This is a tactic governments are increasingly used during times of political contention, such as elections or social upheaval. The shutdowns can be partial or total, temporary or prolonged. They may... Read more
To guarantee safe train operations and provide passengers with convenience, such as seamless internet service and robust entertainment options, there is an increasing need for high-reliability, high-data-rate wireless communications. Wireless communication technologies, for a significant part, heavily rely on the acquisition of channel state information (CSI), making channel estimation vital... Read more
The latest weapon in the war on robocalls is an automated system capable of analyzing the content of these unsolicited bulk calls to shed light on both the scope of the problem and the type of scams being perpetuated by robocalls. The tool, called SnorCall, is designed to help regulators,... Read more
Fifth-generation, or 5G, mobile network technology is all the hype these days. Compared to 4G, this newest way of connecting wireless devices to cellular networks is designed to provide higher data rates, ultralow latency, improved reliability, expanded configurability, increased network capacity and availability, and connectivity among a larger number of... Read more
Researchers from Bangor University's Digital Signal Processing Center (DSP) have made a breakthrough in the development of a novel Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) Optical Transceiver.... Read more
Researchers in Japan have invented a novel method to measure the permittivity of insulators 100 times more accurately than before. This technology is expected to contribute to the efficient development of sensitive radio receivers for radio telescopes as well as to the development of devices for the next generation communication... Read more
We are living in the realm of Industry 4.0 today, which is a digital paradigm referring to the integration of cutting-edge computing and digital technologies into global industries. Some of the key technologies in smart industries and smart factories are the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), smart industrial sensors, machine... Read more
Covered in tattoos resembling jaguar spots, an Indigenous man connects to TikTok for the very first time from a previously off-the-grid village deep in the Amazon.... Read more
Mobile communication builds an invisible bridge between two users at geographically distant locations. To meet the growing communication demands of the users, widening the bridge is a direct and effective approach. By increasing antennas at transmitter and receiver sides, multiple parallel spatial channels can be formed, bringing to the multiplication... Read more
Cities can be obstacle courses for communications signals. A radio signal must travel from a cell phone to a router to a cell tower, and onward to its recipient—all while bouncing between walls, buildings and other structures. When it hits an obstacle, the radio wave gets scattered, diminishing the signal.... Read more
Amazon said Friday it will invest $120 million to build a satellite construction facility at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, as part of its plans to launch a space internet service to rival SpaceX's Starlink.... Read more
Thousands of satellites are currently orbiting the Earth, and there will be many more in the future. Researchers from Ruhr University Bochum and the CISPA Helmholtz Center for Information Security in Saarbrücken have assessed the security of these systems from an IT perspective.... Read more
British telecoms group BT on Monday announced the departure of chief executive Philip Jansen, two months after the group axed up to 55,000 jobs to slash costs.... Read more
The joint research team of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Professor JeongHo Kwak at the DGIST and Aerospace Engineering Professor Jihwan Choi at the KAIST have proposed a novel network slicing planning and handover technique applicable to next-generation low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite network systems. Findings of the study have been... Read more
Airline passengers who have endured tens of thousands of weather-related flight delays this week got a welcome respite from the headaches Saturday, despite concerns about possible disruptions caused by new wireless 5G systems rolling out near major airports.... Read more