ETRI's researchers have pioneered the development of light source devices that can be utilized in mega/hyper data centers and 5G/6G mobile communication base stations. The technology innovated by the research team can transmit full HD movies of 5 GB size at a rate of 5.6 per second.... Read more
A new phased-array transmitter design overcomes common problems of CMOS technology in the 300 GHz band, as reported by scientists from Tokyo Tech. Thanks to its remarkable area efficiency, low power consumption, and high data rate, the proposed transmitter could pave the way to many technological applications in the 300... Read more
Two innovative design techniques lead to substantial improvements in performance in fractional-N phase locked loops (PLLs), report scientists from Tokyo Tech.... Read more
Fiber optic cables that line ocean floors could provide a less expensive, more comprehensive alternative to the current buoys that act as early warning systems for tsunamis, says a University of Michigan researcher.... Read more
ESA's very latest laboratory extension is portable in nature: Hosted within a standard shipping container, this ESA Transportable Optical Ground Station, ETOGS, can be transported all across Europe as needed, to perform laser-based optical communications with satellites—including NASA's Psyche mission, millions of kilometers away in space.... Read more
Bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filters are used in various electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, and communication systems to help produce smooth and reliable high-frequency radio signals for 5G communications. They are thus important in ensuring efficient communication and data transmission.... Read more
You may have heard the news that the "Xfinity 10G Network" will soon be scrubbed from Comcast's advertising in light of a recent advertising board recommendation.... Read more
The collective of European public broadcasters launched a free-to-air streaming service Monday to show major championships in many Olympic sports.... Read more
For the first time, visitors at the 2024 Olympic Games will be able to fly to venues using air taxis. Vertical takeoff aircraft such as drones, multirotors and air taxis will take off from and land on pads known as vertiports.... Read more
From coffee shop customers who connect their laptops to the local Wi-Fi network to remote weather monitoring stations in the Antarctic, wireless communication is an essential part of modern life. Researchers worldwide are currently working on the next evolution of communication networks, called "beyond 5G" or 6G networks.... Read more
In 2023, NASA-developed search and rescue technologies aided first responders in locating and saving 350 lives in the United States. Now, NASA is incorporating that same technology in astronaut missions.... Read more
More robust and more accurate positioning systems are needed to meet the demands of the global economy—and Australia is set to enjoy the benefits of its very own system.... Read more
Many consumers, telecommunications experts, and even reporters nationwide who have been the questions: Why is my cell service still so bad in 2024? And is it getting worse, or am I just noticing it more?... Read more
Researchers from Stanford and the American University of Beirut have developed a lightweight, portable antenna that can communicate with satellites and devices on the ground, making it easier to coordinate rescue and relief efforts in disaster-prone areas.... Read more
Statewide broadband adoption remains high with 91% of households in California enjoying high-speed internet access at home, according to new survey results released today by USC, the California Emerging Technology Fund and the California Department of Technology.... Read more