The Mississauga Road and its history

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Moving through the Mississauga Road can definitely be a very unique and exciting experiences that you would never want to miss out on. It provides you access to layers and layers of history that you would perhaps want to explore. Travelling through the Mississauga Road can indeed be like travelling through the history.

What makes the Mississauga Road a trustworthy option?

The Mississauga Road follows the course of the nearby river. In fact, the river and the road were once the major routes of transportation and logistics when the first settlements arrived in the city. The quieter and rural ambience would indeed make it one of the most unique experiences ever. You can perhaps hire a party bus in Mississauga and move though the best options offered by the surroundings and the actual Mississauga Road itself.

The Mississauga Road lies to the south of modern Eglinton Avenue. It was designed to follow the path of Indigenous trail along the course of the Credit River. The road was planked in the 1850s, and became a corduroy road in the 1860s. you would find the remnants of the wooden planks when you travel by the modern road that we find there today.

What can you find along the Mississauga Road?

The Mississauga Road, like we already stated, provides you a journey through the history. You can witness the former inns and stagecoach stops dating to the 1830s. you will also find a few estates dating to the 1900s. you will also notice stone walls and landscapes that belonged to the pages of history.

A few of the attractions that you would find quite interesting would include the former Credit Mission Village, a stone church, an old school and a modern university thereby providing you a complete amalgamation of both ancient and modern. In essence, a single pass through the Mississauga Road will provide you an insight into multiple layers of history that you would love to explore.

Was it called Mississauga Road even in the past?

Not exactly. However, the exact name of the road is currently unknown. But the recorded history claims that the road that we call Mississauga Road today carried multiple names in the past. A few of the previous names that the road previously was referred to as include Swamp Road, Cedar Swamp Road, Coldspring Road, Spring Road, Spring bank Road, Springfield Road, Indian Village Road, Stone Road, Streetsville Plank Road, and the Streetsville Stone Road. The name Mississauga Road came into the being after the city was names Mississauga.

The road today passes through several venues and locations that were called by the locals by different names during the olden times. A few of the areas along the route carried a few unique names such as IALFA, Oakridge, Arcadia, Glades of Fleet, Ross’ Hill, Maple Hill, Windy Hollow, Spring bank, Sawmill Hill, Stonehouse and Rogers’ Road and many more.

Well, if you are really looking to explore the Mississauga Road, the discussion here would have ideally helped you get a fair deal of background information. So, what are you waiting for? Go hire a reliable transportation and head on to the Mississauga Road.

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