DAKO in Canada

DAKO in Canada

DAKO is a producer of high-quality windows, entry doors, garage doors, home management systems, interior, and exterior blinds/shutters. The brand is an international company and distribute their products internationally – mainly in Europe and North America.

DAKO is striving to become one of Canada’s most widely recognized and appreciated European suppliers of top-quality joinery by supplying desirable products to our customers. The company has been producing and supplying a wide range of products throughout over fifty countries on all continents since 1994. DAKO has worked in collaboration with architects, property developers, and replacement contractors in over fifty countries across the world helping to deliver buildings that will stand the test of time.

DAKO is appreciated for its wide portfolio of outstanding products that have earned the brand a number of certificates, thousands of satisfied customers, the Forbes Diamond Award, among many other recognized achievements.

Almost 30 years of experience in the industry allow DAKO’s skilled in-house specialists and engineers to ensure technological innovation and 360 quality control over the entire production process, from the testing laboratory, through planning, and production to the end products themselves.

The company’s team and commercial partners listen carefully to understand your home or project’s needs and vision, then take these requirements to the drawing board. With meticulous attention to detail and an eye for classic European design, DAKO makes it its mission to provide you with beautiful products that you will be proud to install in your home.

The products DAKO provides have been widely tested and certified which proves that the European windows and joinery components meet the highest industry standards. DAKO has been approved with IFT Rosenheim, NFRC, QUALICOAT, and PEFC certifications.

DAKO is especially proud of the PEFC certification as it confirms that the wood used in the production of the brand’s windows and doors comes from responsible sources. To receive this certification, the company had to meet the requirements of following the principles of responsible wood management based on ecology and sustainable development.

If you are interested in buying DAKO’s products or becoming a distributor visit DAKO’s website – dakowindows.com and find out more or contact the company directly:

Alicja Biedunkiewicz – Sales Director


+48 18 414 26 75,

+48 607 411 924



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