Marion Julius Global Celebrity Her TV Appearance on VV8 TV cable TV in Brazil Sao Paulo

Marion Julius model

Marion Julius the South African born beauty is now on Brazilian cable TV channel VV8TV the global entertainer who has made a tv appearance entertaining and speaking to the Brazilian community. Showing them and the world some of her promotional videos and also she was interviewed and talked about her life. She has walked in trendy outfits by the hip and popular areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Gold Coast, London, Paris, Geneva, Rome, Venice, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Durban and has paraded around showing the world her style inspiring others.

The TV Presenter who has also appeared in a few TV shows over the years such as the non and for profit charity TV network. And also for projects with the video hugs online TV show the Presenter who completed a TV Presenting course. Marion Julius who works and resides in Australia feels that Brazilian community are like her family they’re so loving, warm and beautiful people. Marion says that Brazil is one of her favorite countries and she has always loved their culture. Her favorite soccer team is Brazil and she admire their Samba dancers and their music a destination she dreams of spending lots of time there in future.

“I watch Brazil all the time on the television travel shows and feel this connection to this place their energy and passion for music and dance.” Marion Julius

Marion Julius model
Marion Julius

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