The “Receiver of Source Energy,” Carol Collins And Her Upcoming Healing Retreats

Carol Collins

Carol Collins is a recognized ‘light trance channel,’ someone who receives messages directly from spirit guides. In Carol’s case, her spirit guides, called ‘The Jeshua Collective’ speak directly through her. While in a light trance, she channels the Collective and they provide wisdom, knowledge and healing. Carol’s unique ability provides clear, direct answers from Jeshua themselves.

Carol explains “A channeled reading is always accurate because your Jeshua borrows my voice to have a direct conversation with you. I like to say I ‘voice give’ – they say they simply get to speak plainly to you and are able to tell you what they want you to know using the words and descriptions of their choosing.”

Her first introduction to the spiritual world came after a breakup in 2019. After relocating to a new city and going through the healing process, Carol came across a Facebook group that would change her life forever; she saw a Abraham-Hicks video, a well-known channeler and Law of Attraction coach and instantly felt drawn to her teachings. Abraham-Hicks inspired Carol to begin her meditation journey, and several months in, she began to see swirling figures in her mind’s eye. This progressed, eventually culminating into words being spelled in cursive with her nose, which was her first experience with the Jeshua Collective. Amazingly, this is the same way Esther Hicks first connected with her channel as well.

Carol’s relationship with Jeshua blossomed into a beautiful connection, one in which Carol has learned about all things consciousness, how the Earth was created, the reason for our existence, how to connect with passed on loved ones, etc. After a few weeks, Jeshua asked if they could use Carol’s voice to speak through her, and she said yes. Thereafter, the entities explained to her that they could only communicate with one person during a lifetime, and they had chosen Carol. Since that day, March 20, 2019, she vowed to share the teachings of the Collective- what they refer to as ‘The Essential Material’ with the world.

Keeping her promise, Carol has hosted numerous workshops, events and retreats to share the knowledge of Jeshua with others.

The Pittsburgh Medium

One weekend retreat occurring this year is called “I AM,” a weekend event that promises participants peace and healing from bad habits and negative core beliefs. The next “I AM” will be held in Pittsburgh from September 23-25.

An example of a workshop she’s holding is called the ‘Powerfulness of Source Energy’ and lasts for two days. Attendees learn about a vast assortment of topics, including but not limited to The Nonphysical Dimension of Reality, The Birthing and Rebirthing Processes, Projection into Dimensions of Reality, Lucid Dreaming, the Law of Attraction and Self-healing. This event will be held in several locations over the course of Fall 2023: Los Angeles from July 8-9, Philadelphia from August 12-13, Orlando from September 9-10 and Boston from November 11-12.

In addition to workshops, events and retreats, Carol also offers classes, led by Jeshua, through the Center for Intuitive Studies and private and group readings. Classes include ‘Unfoldment into Channeling,’ ‘The Art of Self-Healing’ and ‘A Course in Miracles Explained.’

Her exceptional gift has garnered the attention of many; she has been featured on ‘The Kevin Moore Show,’ and has even given readings to several celebrities.

No matter how someone decides to interact with Jeshua, or who they are, the results are felt all the same. “My clients are always thankful and walk away with a sense of calm as well as an action plan in hand to continue on their path or to change what they are currently manifesting,” Carol explains.

Carol herself has been completely transformed by her remarkable connection with Jeshua. Both physically and emotionally, she has healed into the version of herself she is today. Carol is incredibly grateful to Jeshua for changing her life. They talk constantly about many different topics, and she even views them as her ‘non-physical best friends.’

She strongly believes that through Jeshua, anyone can find peace, comfort and positivity, even through the worst of times, just like she did. The Collective agrees, noting that this is “the way life was meant to be lived – side by side with your Teacher in spirit and learning to self-heal to manifest a life of abundance.”

To look into having your own reading by Carol or to check out her upcoming retreats visit her website.

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