What Is A Room Booking System – Get Some Of The Best Apps

room scheduling software

The room booking system plays a significant role in all types of industry whether it is a hotel or a hybrid workplace. The room booking system is a software application where clients can book their room or office directly. This can be done online so there will be no need for intermediaries.

So, here is some of the best room booking system that you can use when you want to book your space quickly and easily.

What exactly is a room booking system?

The room booking system will help to find the right space whether it is a hotel room, meeting room, workspace, or anything. This is an automated software solution so it simplifies the process of finding the right space.

You can find a lot of software that helps in the room booking system. But before finding the right app, here are some of the benefits provided by the room booking software;

  • The app will help to find the right or suitable space online without the need to visit directly
  • If the space is available they can make a free-book reservation online
  • If you are booking rooms for your guest, you can specify the invites regarding the meeting’s capacity and purpose. So that they will get access during the locked period also
  • Even the software will provide the option of rescheduling your time

Best room booking system apps:

1. Skedda

Skedda is a scheduling app for the shared space, as if you have a busy office then it is difficult to do the scheduling all by yourself. The app is perfectly designed for meeting rooms, hot desks, conference rooms, desks, company resources, and presentation areas.

The skedda room booking system will make the room booking process easy and simple, and you don’t have to worry about the double-bookings. The price of the app comes into three categories such as core, pro, and premium. But the basic pay starts at $7 per month and it has a free trial and free version.

2. Meetingroom app

The meetingroom app is a smart technology that will enable the effective management and planning of the company’s meetings. It will make the company’s process simpler and also helps to find the workspace in a better way.

This is considered the best app for organizing conferences and meeting room. This app is suitable for all kinds of business and identifying and reserving the available rooms. Here are the features of this software;

  • Through maps, you can find the available rooms and floor plans
  • The display of the building is completely given in the app
  • Helps to share the information with the team members through display boards

3. Veris

Veris is a cloud-based software solution and it is suitable for all kinds of businesses from small to large. The software is mainly used to manage the front desk, check-in and out process, security, and other such features. The registration process of the visitor is completely automatic which is done through image capture, badge printing, notifications, and a self-service kiosk.

It will manage all the operations of the business and along with this; it will provide a detailed view of seating available and occupancy status. The app is suitable for both Android and iOS platforms and it comes with a free trial.

4. Condeco

If you are planning to bring all the people together then you need a perfect meeting place and that is possible using this room booking system. You can book a space at a suitable time and space, even you can check whether all your visitors are available, and then book the space.

Whether you are meeting personal or virtual or both, the Condeco will find a suitable space for all your needs. It helps to collaborate wherever the people are so it will increase productivity and easily connect you with your colleagues.

5. Robin

Robin is the room booking system that will help all kinds of companies by offering them the space they want and use as per their needs. You can have this app as it will increase the employer’s productivity and reduce friction throughout the day in the workspace.

It offers a specialized tool for the desk and space management and along with you can get the space you want, and you can optimize the office if you need. This is considered a strong automation tool that makes the booking of a meeting room an easy and convenient way. They understand their client’s needs on how an office should be.

6. Envoy desks

Envoy desks are an easy-to-use hot-desking tool and it is especially used for the hybrid workplace. Now, the employees can easily book the workspace either in advance or immediately from their phones. It will provide a number of flexible options on where to sit and what they need to get done. The app will completely show the seating arrangement and you can choose from the app.

The app will provide a simple way to collaborate with the team while keeping a safe distance. It will reduce the workplace footprint and lowers the real estate cost.

7. Visualtime

Visualtime is a modern level hybrid workspace booking software and it is mainly suitable for the business involved in the desk and meeting room scheduling. You can start getting the hybrid workspace without sacrificing the need of the employees. Here are some of the features provided by the app;

  • The app will provide accommodation for different kinds of space scenarios
  • The app is mainly designed to maintain the integrity of the meeting schedules and prevents the overlapping reservations
  • It provides a calendar like scheduling tool so people can plan their arrangements accordingly
  • It provides an interactive floor map that can be reached within a hand’s reach

Bottom Line:

The room book system will transform how your room should be collaborated, using the space, ensure the client’s comfort, and increase the guest’s or employee’s satisfaction. It helps to provide a safe and flexible space, and also it will save time and resources.  

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