Swedish Massage Techniques

swedish massage

1. Effleurage

Eflora is a 스웨디시 technology that promotes muscle relaxation, blood circulation, and lymphatic flow. Eflora increases the temperature of the muscles and increases blood circulation by preparing for the next massage technique. Eflora is also a basic massage of swedish that stimulates the lymphatic system and increases the effectiveness of the next massage.

2. Petrissage

Petrisage means kneading, massaging the source of deep muscles with moderate pressure. The massage method of Petrisage is to squeeze the muscles and roll around the skin. Petrisage proceeds with the massage with the palm of the massage artist’s hand, the surface of the finger, and the thumb.

3. Fiction

Friction, meaning deep friction, is a Swedish massage technique that stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts in swedish and promotes collagen fiber rearrangement through crosslinking.

4. Tapotement

Tapotements are lightweight techniques that belong to swedish massage and tapping massage. It has five types of massage: beating (lightly hitting with a blocked fist), slapping (light hitting with a finger), hacking (using only fingertips) and cupping (hard hitting with fingertips) by rolling the edge of your hand, fingertips, or hands in a cup shape. These massage techniques have the effect of touching the nervous system in the swedishima limbs and help release lymph fluid.

5. Vibration

Vibration massage is a massage technique that stimulates muscles by shaking them. Vibration is used to stimulate soft tissue and nerves, relieve muscle tension, and reduce stress. Vibration at a slow speed can promote muscle relaxation. Among Swedish techniques, vibration is a massage technique aimed at relieving clumpy muscles, reducing stress, and improving blood circulation.

The effectiveness of swedish massage.

1. Diet.

Swedish massage promotes circulation in the body, so it has an excellent effect on fat decomposition when combined with diet. In addition to fat decomposition with a soft massage, it makes your digestive system comfortable, effective for constipation, and can help you lose weight.

2. Improving vascular disease.

The basic framework of the swedishima massage has the centrality of starting from the chenne’s peripheral body and performing a massage toward the heart. Swedish massage is effective in improving vascular disease by assisting blood flow and facilitating blood circulation.

3. Supplies skin nutrition

The swedish is chara.

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